Thank you for performing our ScanCircle computer diagnosis. Click here to see the scan results yourself.

*** The followup can depend on the specified scan category, eg.:

  • Visitors: “We will contact you if needed” (or you can redirect them to the standard result page directly);
  • Customers: “We will analyse your scan results and contact you if needed”;
  • Tickets: “Your scan results have been added to ticket ticket:12345”;
  • Newsletter: “We will analyse your scan results and send you the personal computer advice within 2 business days”.

Or you can show the scan results in an IFRAME here:

For scans with a reference code, you can specify your own result page, so that your customers do net get to see all details.

On this page, you may include the link to the standard result page so that your customers can opt to view the results themselves.

If you use multiple scan pages, you can use the specified scan category to decide which message should be shown or what action should be taken.