Computer diagnosis support

If you have just performed a scan on your computer, the score will give you a global indication of the status of your computer. If the score is below a 6, then the red (critical) advices should always be followed and orange (recommended) advices normally too unless there is a good explanation for it. Only solve these issues yourself if you know what you are doing.

For direct help please call 0800-DEMO-PARTNER

Or fill in the form below so we can help you solve your computer problems. Based on the ScanCircle computer diagnosis that you just performed, we can determine quickly what needs to be done to solve the problems. If you want, we can even do this fixed price based on the scan results.

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    Scan results:

    You can specify your own support page for end-users who have just performed a scan and need your help.

    This applies both to end-users of your own partner environment as those of the main ScanCircle environment using the country map.

    You can even specify a different link for each of your own advertisements on the standard result page.

    In all cases, when the end-user is redirected to the specified page, you will receive a message including the link to the scan results, the reference code and the active language. So if the end-user calls you for support, you can use that to analyse the scan results.

    The link to the scan results can also be added automatically to your support form so that it can be included in the support request.