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Product Id: {eec12db6-ad9c-4168-8658-b03daef417fe}
Name: Vertrouwde Microsoft-audiostuurprogramma's
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Hardware Id: SW\{eec12db6-ad9c-4168-8658-b03daef417fe}
Class code: MEDIA
Class description: Besturing voor geluid, video en spelletjes
Hardware hash: 6B449C8B9B726775D072FF244CC789C0932875C5
Matching Id: sw\{eec12db6-ad9c-4168-8658-b03daef417fe}
Driver name: Vertrouwde Microsoft-audiostuurprogramma's
Version: 6.1.7601.18276
Date: 2013-10-04
Supplier: Microsoft
Short hash: 48DAD5B4DE10878AD25CE5B553B5310855DC8A17
Version hash: 7111DDC96F325EB1821FDA1C558CB835BF554112

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