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Product Id: IDEChannel
Name: IDE-kanaal
Friendly name: ATA Channel 0
Manufacturer: (Standaard IDE ATA/ATAPI-controllers)
Hardware Id: Intel-2929
Hardware Id: Internal_IDE_Channel
Compatible Id: *PNP0600
Class code: hdc
Class description: IDE ATA/ATAPI-controllers
Hardware hash: E597EF6FCADC0E2159E61032A8863C8F6D41C857
Matching Id: internal_ide_channel
Driver name: IDE-kanaal
Version: 6.1.7601.18231
Date: 2006-06-21
Supplier: Microsoft
Short hash: 73C820B3ACF2AA130658482B0E362174E92F1738
Version hash: 2BA30C167F703299D8AE1EE0AC0B4CC4FC428952

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