Memory usage
Total:2.00 GB
Available: ?1.98 GB
Free:60.9 MB (3%)
Maximum: 4.00 GB
Memory slots:1/2
Error correction:None
Slot Size Form factor Type MHz Part number
DIMM_A 2.00 GB SODIMM DDR-2 800 M4 70T5663RZ3-CF7

tipSince there are unused memory slots, you may increase the speed of your computer by installing extra memory.

Attention: The information above is solely provided by your own device. Please double check it (e.g. here or here) before purchasing extra memory.

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Miscellaneous checks

Certain checks have exceeded a critical threshold.

The available memory is only 3 percent.

You may want to terminate unrequired processes (right-click the Windows Start button > Task Manager) or prevent these processes from being started (right-click the Windows Start button > Task Manager > select the 'Startup' tab > select the process > click 'Disable' > reboot your computer). If this does not help, you may want to install extra memory. On the 'Advices' tab under 'Memory' you can check if additional or larger memory modules can be installed.

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