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Product Id: UMB
Name: Android Phone
Friendly name: HTC STORAGE
Manufacturer: HTC
Compatible Id: wpdbusenum\fs
Class code: WPD
Class description: Draagbare apparaten
Hardware hash: 883FA40BE627AE93D03178C840F4EFB0E677B587
Matching Id: wpdbusenum\fs
Driver name: Volumestuurprogramma voor WPD-bestandssysteem
Version: 6.1.7600.16385
Date: 2006-06-21
Supplier: Microsoft
Short hash: A4D3544DBF001071CA44BF768AF6F47F15381E3E
Version hash: B49A70AA49CACBF5DA422F0F4D33FD7F4BB611D8

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