Laptop:DEMO/12345678/F97044J (12345)
Brand/model:Dell Inc. Studio 1537
Operating System:Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 22H2
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SubjectValueSafety remarks
Date and time2022-03-19 14:34 (2022-03-19 12:34:56 GMT) Okay
Operating SystemWindows 10 Pro 64-bit 22H2 Okay
Anti-virusESET Smart Security 8.0
Anti-spywareESET Smart Security 8.0
FirewallESET Persoonlijke firewall
Automatic system update2022-03-14 16:32 Okay
User Account ControlOkay Okay
Internet settingsOkay Okay
Security CenterOkay Okay
Scan score9.2The computer was safe at the time of the scan (excluding unidentified malware).


  • When red security remarks are shown, you must solve these first, orange security remarks should also be solved or explained and blue/green security remarks can be used to increase the security of your system;
  • When all is well, you may print this report or register this device so that we will save this scan for you and you can request the report in the future again;
  • This report shows the status of this device at the moment of the scan. Older scans may report new critical/recommended security issues in time due to unidentified malware or outdated software. No rights can be derived from this report.

Critical itemsFollow the advices listed to improve the security and/or stability of your computer unless you have a very good reason not to do so.
Recommended itemsWe strongly suggest following the advices listed to improve the performance, security and/or stability of your computer.
Optional itemsYou may follow the advices listed to bring your computer up to date but this is often not necessary if your computer is working okay.
Informative itemsThe advices listed may help you to solve hardware and/or software problems and identify deviations from standard installations.
Ignored itemsAt your request the advices listed are being ignored. Undo all
OkayNo need to take action.