General conditions

  • By performing a scan, the user allows ScanCircle to use the scan data for a.o. advice, statistics and demographical information;
  • The user will not try to reverse-engineer, modify or manipulate the scan program, the scan file or the website;
  • ScanCircle is not liable for any problems caused by the usage of the scan program;
  • ScanCircle is not liable for any problems as a result of the user following up any advice;
  • The scan is only free for personal use. Business users are only allowed to use or offer the scan through our partner program;
  • Because there are different versions for various operation systems and frequent updates, distributing or deep linking to the scan program is not allowed.

Privacy statement

Data of individual devices will never be shared with third parties:
  • By default, no personal information (e.g. documents, photos, videos, emails, contacts, license keys, passwords, etc.) is retrieved;
  • Only in the so-called 'partner mode' in a partner environment, license keys are retrieved and forwarded to the partner for re-installation purposes;
  • Some fields may indirectly reference an end-user (e.g. IP address, device serial number, device name, driver name, user name);
  • After 30 days, scan results of non-registered devices are anonymized automatically and the scan files are removed during the next front-office database update (except in partner environments);
  • Scans can also be removed by the end-user.
Email addresses will never be shared with third parties:
  • Optional registration uses the double opt-in mechanism;
  • Unconfirmed registrations are removed after 1 week;
  • Email addresses without registrations are removed at the end of the day.
Secure connections are used by default:
  • If the scan data cannot be sent to the ScanCircle server, the option is given to try a plain connection;
  • To support malfunctioning devices, HTTPS is not enforced on deep links (e.g. to the scan page).
No tracking cookies for end-users:
  • One functional cookie is used, for a faster presentation of the scan results. This session cookie is removed when you close your web browser;
  • Google Analytics (with GDPR-compliant settings) is used to monitor and optimize website traffic. These statistics cannot be used by us to track an individual or device;
  • On partner program related pages, the live chat service (which uses cookies and tracks users internally) may be used to assist partners;
  • The MyBB partner forum uses functional cookies to remember some user settings.

More details can be found in the ScanCircle Data Protection Policy.